Why we do what we do

Lawrence and I are deeply passionate about learning… and about enabling better learning through Next Knowledge. That’s what we’re doing day to day. But why?

We want to help as many people as possible to be the best version of themselves. We know that successful learning is foundational to a happy and successful life. We also know that some people — through no fault of their own — are deprived of this opportunity to supercharge their lives, and we’re committed to changing that. This is our Why.

Next Knowledge is how we help. We launched with a sincere mission to help learners of all abilities and walks of life. Our goal — to revolutionize learning — is as ambitious as it is achievable. Knowing this drives us every day.

Our proven method and tools give learners the skills to truly comprehend and retain information, rather than simply memorize it. Memorizing doesn’t stick. It doesn’t help people in the long run. Our method works, our method lasts – and most importantly, our method helps people.

To reach as many people as possible, we have embedded a social mandate into our business model: for every paid membership, we will give one to someone in need. You buy one, we give one. This model partners us with our individual members and member institutions to deliver lasting social value: together, we can break down the barriers of learning for those who might not have access to the resources they need and deserve.

We typically deliver these free memberships through schools in under-privileged communities and through requests we receive from educators and community groups. If you know an individual or organization that is in need of our support, please let us know.

And so, whether you join Next Knowledge, share the word or help us help someone, we thank you. That’s why we’re here – and we’re glad you are, too.


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