Why almost every learner struggles

I have spent my entire career in education and helping learners learn. From the most challenged to the most masterful among us, I have seen learners fumble through language processing. The vast majority find a way to get by — or get around it — and never reach their maximum learning potential.

At Next Knowledge, we help learners of all abilities by promoting and developing language processing skills ranging from comprehension to writing. Our proven method helps to instill skills that are essential to any learner.

The method I developed takes a learner through the steps they need to master for successful reading and writing. It’s not easy, but it’s also not hard. We’ve designed our learning portal to teach these skills in a way that they can carry throughout their lives.

Any learner can benefit from some basic steps and know-how for more optimal language processing. And tips like these can help:

  • The most important actions in learning are to locate and engage with the subject contained in the words of the text.
  • For effective learning and comprehension, you need to be an active learner. Staying engaged with the material — and resisting retreating into a passive state — is vital.
  • When you’re reading material, remember that what you need to learn is actually right in front of you. Keep your attention focused solely within the text and resist the temptation to be distracted from this foundational task until you have successfully worked through the material at hand.

And always remember that no one can learn for you… no one can learn for someone else. Our hope is that individuals will take control of their learning, benefit from a proven method and start to see greater results.

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