the Wordspace

The Wordspace  is designed to deliver the LEARN method, teaching you the mechanics from Day One and supporting you at every step.

Working within our Wordspace, you can upload your own materials and you will be guided through the steps of the LEARN method. You can also use a number of tools in the Wordspace to accelerate your learning: make notes, quiz yourself, organize your thoughts and create your own writing.

The Wordspace enables learners to take control of their own learning. While you’ll learn our LEARN method through the Wordspace, once you understand the method you can apply it from anywhere, with any text! Mastery of the method allows it to stay with you – and is a proven way to learn that will support you throughout your life.

Here’s how the Wordspace is used:

  • A learner inputs a given text (informative or literary) for analysis

  • Next, they start working with the text, following prompts and guidance that are provided 

  • Making effective highlights and notes are key to success!

  • Once finished with the text, the reader can work on their recall with custom flashcards developed from their work

  • They can also use the writing tool to create purposeful writing from their notes

    the Wordspace is designed to work for you…
    it is smart, straightforward and effective

    A key important of the Wordspace is what’s working behind the scenes: Alice. Next Knowledge’s proprietary Artificial Learning Intelligence and Comprehension Engine. Alice is the brains of the operation 🙂 She lives in the Wordspace and is there to support every learner. Think of her as a companion on your learning journey!

    This program was the miracle we were looking for to help our child. It unlocked their brain and enabled them to finally realize their true potential.

    Parent, elementary student

    Our students showed significant gains in reading comprehension. Their reading fluency, spelling and vocabulary improved as well. I would strongly recommend this product.

    Resource Teacher, Vanguard Elementary School

    Any willing educator can access — and all interested students can benefit from — this strategy.

    Education and Learning Skills Specialist
The Learning Centre, John Abbott College

    The Wordspace is a game changer for my students. It really teaches them how to learn… comprehension and retention start to come naturally! I am thrilled to have Next Knowledge working with me in my classroom! And when at-home learning takes place, my students can use the Wordspace from home. Parents are also grateful for the extra support!

    Grade 7 Teacher, École Vanguard

    Having used Alice with a number of my students, the margin highlight suggestions create much-appreciated and valuable prompts for note-taking and anchors for recall. It’s a great tool that has had dramatic results in reading and comprehension, but also improved confidence.

    Doug G., executive function coach

    I had no doubt that it would be successful with several of our classes, but I was pleasantly surprised with the success with all of the classes. I’m so thrilled with the outcome.

    Special Education Consultant, Summit School-Ecole Le Sommet

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