the issue

1 in 3 students never achieve academic literacy.

Read that again. One in three. Why?

academic literacy is the ability to listen, read and write for the purpose of deep, meaningful learning.

There is a widespread, overlooked issue facing many classrooms today: how do we teach students how to listen, read, and write? Every day in classrooms across the country, teachers are trying to fill a gap that has never been properly addressed within the education system. That gap is a lack of knowledge about how to learn.

Teaching the fundamentals of a subject is straightforward; teaching how to effectively comprehend the material is not. Mastering the skill of comprehension is the key to successful learning.

This critical issue introduces several problems in a classroom:

  • it prevents teachers from fully engaging with their students in deeper, meaningful learning.
  • it creates a group of students in every classroom that chronically underperform – and develop a sense of helplessness that undermines them.
  • it isolates another group of students at a level of competence below the performance threshold they need to be at to reach their goals.
  • it causes academic illiteracy which leads to the loss of the stability and productivity of both the individual and society at large.

To get a taste of what we’re talking about, take our academic literacy quiz by clicking the button below.

So, that’s our view of the problem. What is our solution?

we teach a methodology for listening and reading comprehension.

Our methods focus on comprehension mastery: without it, retention and optimal academic performance is impossible. By addressing the root cause of academic illiteracy, we can change a learner’s life forever.  

This program was the miracle we were looking for to help our child. It unlocked their brain and enabled them to finally realize their true potential.

Parent, elementary student

Our students showed significant gains in reading comprehension. Their reading fluency, spelling and vocabulary improved as well. I would strongly recommend this product.

Resource Teacher, Vanguard Elementary School

The Wordspace is a game changer for my students. It really teaches them how to learn… comprehension and retention start to come naturally! I am thrilled to have Next Knowledge working with me in my classroom! And when at-home learning takes place, my students can use the Wordspace from home. Parents are also grateful for the extra support!

Grade 7 Teacher, École Vanguard

Having used Alice with a number of my students, the margin highlight suggestions create much-appreciated and valuable prompts for note-taking and anchors for recall. It’s a great tool that has had dramatic results in reading and comprehension, but also improved confidence.

Doug G., executive function coach

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