The issue that affects all learners

At Next Knowledge, we are dedicated to helping learners of all abilities by promoting and developing language processing skills ranging from comprehension to writing. Our language processing method helps to instill skills that are essential to any learner.

I have spent my entire career in education and I have seen learners of all types at some point struggle explicitly or implicitly with language processing. A significant portion never reach their maximum learning potential because of this issue.

The method is designed to reflect and account for the fundamental properties of language, and therefore guide a learner through the necessary actions they need to master for successful reading and writing.

The actions themselves are not difficult, the challenge is putting the work in to master them.

We’ve designed our learning portal to teach these skills directly and in a way that anyone can carry throughout their lives. Any learner can benefit from being aware of the basic steps for more optimal language processing:

  • The most important first action in learning is to locate the subject contained in the language of the text or presentation.
  • From that point forward the task is to actively carry on an internal dialogue in which you, the learner, identifies and establishes the nature of the relationship between the topic and the information that is embedded in the words that surround it.
  • This dialogue is truly the language of learning.

The true challenge for all learners in this part of their learning process is to keep attention focused solely within the frame of text and resist the temptation to be distracted from this task until the foundational knowledge of the subject has been acquired.

Our fervent hope is that anyone will use our learning portal and learning companion Alice to benefit from our method and take control of their learning. We are committed to helping all people achieve to their full potential.


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