the elephant in the classroom

The well-documented issue at the core of our educational system is stagnant reading and writing performance. Far too often, students progress to the next grade with no true shift in their reading comprehension and writing performance relative to the previous year.

This manifests itself early in life while a student is in school: 

  • low performance on comprehension testing of curriculum materials
  • unchanged standardized test scores
  • behavioral and performance issues on report cards

    As sad as that may be, it gets worse. The broader effects plague students long after they exit a classroom:

    • a sense of learned helplessness
    • lack of confidence
    • decreased ambition

    learning is vital to success
    and we can all do better

    These “invisible” issues touch 1 in 3. The opportunity cost is lost potential… and it doesn’t have to be this way.

      “I have worked with high performers and students that others thought couldn’t be helped. My method worked every time. My mission is to get the method into as many hands as possible… I want to help as many people as possible — kids and adults alike.”

      – Lawrence Feld, Chief Learning Officer
      and Co-Founder, Next Knowledge

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