New year, new online work space!

It is with great pride and a sense of accomplishment that I’m able to introduce our new note-making application called the Next Knowledge Wordspace.

Using the Wordspace, learners are now able to engage Alice — our A.I.-powered companion — at any time through their work process.

The Wordspace is divided into four main sections: Learn, Study, Recall and Write.

The Learn section embeds our LEARN note-making method so that the learner is guided through the process of creating effective notes that they can then study, review, test and write about in the remaining sections of the application.

Learners can either read or listen to the text and they can make notes through either typing or dictation. This new powerful application is also able to receive and store documents of any length in files and group folders. There’s also the option to collaborate with others within the Wordspace!

I hope you are as excited to try our new Wordspace as our team has been in bringing it to life!

Check out our free 10-day trial of the Wordspace — it gives learners an opportunity to try our methods in a supportive, easy-to-use application.

Our goal will always be to help any person learn how to achieve deep comprehension and achieve mastery of their learning. The Wordspace is just the first step in our journey to innovate and revolutionize what it means to LEARN.

– Lawrence

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