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What/who is Alice?

Next Knowledge’s Artificial Learning Intelligence & Comprehension Engine (Alice), is an AI-informed learning companion that works through an online platform (our Wordspace) to help learners effectively engage with text — from reading comprehension and retention, to improved writing. Alice is a companion on a learner’s journey: always available and ready to partner with them on their learning journey. 

Who can benefit from using Alice and the Wordspace?

Everyone can benefit! Learners of all abilities and in any stage of life can advance their learning by using Alice, the Wordspace and our proven methods. It is a one-size-fits-all solution that encourages improved reading comprehension. Ironically, those that will benefit most are at opposite ends of the spectrum: those that might be characterized as either chronic underperformers or masterful high performers in terms of effective reading and writing.

How does it work?

To use the Wordspace and interact with Alice, you’ll need to sign up for your free trial. Once your account is set up, you will input your material (informative or literary text) into the Wordspace. Next, Alice will process the text by breaking it up into its individual words, terms or phrases, and then suggest the word that represents the main topic. She gets you started and helps you along the way!

Can I work with the Wordspace if I have difficulty reading and writing?

Absolutely! The site is equipped with both read aloud and speech to text functionality that accommodates under-developed reading fluency and writing skills. 

Is the method behind Alice and the Wordspace effective?

LEARN, the method behind the Wordspace, has been proven to dramatically increase student scores on standardized tests of recall and reading comprehension. Among high school classes using the LEARN method, performance increased between 10 and 23 percentage points, with several students showing even more dramatic gains. This is truly noteworthy because standardized scores typically experience little to no improvement year-over-year with traditional methods.

Can I use any material in the Wordspace?

Yes! The Workspace was designed to work with any text informative or literary. PDFs can sometimes present a challenge. The current most effective way to transport a PDF into the Wordspace is to first copy and paste it into a plain text application and then from there into the Wordspace. We are currently working on creating a PDF decoder to facilitate this process for our members. 

What is Alice not capable of doing?

Alice is specifically programmed to not perform the task of comprehension for the learner but rather is to be used as a companion. To ensure active learning, Alice will not provide notes without the learner’s input. 

Can I get additional support (e.g. a tutor) to use the LEARN method, the Wordspace and Alice?

Our WordspacePlus Live Sessions provides one-to-one coaching support, tailored to the needs of the learner – be it and under-performing student in need of assistance, or as a high-performing student (IB, as an example) seeking to super-charge their learning performance. Each session is 30-45 minutes long with a live instructor – and can be purchased in blocks of 4 to maximise the benefits. Please see our pricing page to subscribe; for additional information on larger packages or programs, please contact us.


working with Alice and the Wordspace


Is there a word count limit for Alice?

Alice has been developed to analyze texts that fit into an ideal comprehension interval. The ideal length is 250 to 350 words — roughly one page.

Can the Wordspace be used offline?

The Wordspace currently requires an internet connection and unfortunately cannot be used in an ‘offline’ mode.

Will Alice save my work?

Yes! Alice is specifically designed to save a learner’s work, including the analyzed text, notes, flashcards, and the writing created be a learner on the platform. 

Can I use the Wordspace on a mobile device or tablet?

The Wordspace is best supported by using a desktop or laptop computer. The Wordspace also works on a tablet, but you are not currently able to create highlights and notes on a tablet. 

Can Alice be used with any type of text?

Yes! Alice is designed to work as a companion for text ranging from informative – social studies, general science, history, physics… as well as for literary text. She will scan through any inputted text and extract the topic word for you to use as an anchor for your note making.

Do I need to be taught to work with the Wordspace and Alice?

Our tools are designed for ease of use, but everyone can benefit from a little introduction. There is an easy to follow tutorial that will greet you when you arrive in the Wordspace, and an ever-growing collection of videos, exercises and other resources available in the Learning Centre if needed. 

Is the topic that Alice recommends always correct?

Alice’s topic extraction accuracy has been tested to be in the 90% range. The suggested topic will either be isolated by itself or will be present in a short statement that Alice has taken from the text.

Does Alice suggest which word I should highlight?

Alice will lay out all the possible highlights in a column for you to scan. As an active learner, it is your job to choose a word or phrase that contains distinct information about the topic – size, amount, length, importance and so on. Alice may assist, but it is up to you to decide which specific type of information you want to highlight and use to create your notes.

Does Alice create the note for me?

You work with Alice to create your own notes. Alice is a companion for your learning and therefore she will provide a statement or question frame for you so that you can clearly note the nature of the relationship between the topic and the word you highlighted. 

Does Alice test me on my notes?

Alice provides flashcards for you from your notes so that you can study and test yourself!

Can I change or edit my work?

Absolutely! You can edit all your work within the note table that appears below the text so that both your notes and the flashcards can be updated as your knowledge of the topic deepens.

Is there material available on the site for me to practice improving my reading and writing skills?

Yes. There is practice material in the resource library section of the site. In addition, there is curriculum material that has been fully processed with an identified topic, highlights and suggested notes in the Learning Centre area of your Wordspace. 


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