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March 22, 2022

Next Knowledge Celebrates Successful First Year and
Launch of the Next Knowledge Wordspace

Strong foundations established for future growth while new Wordspace
delivers enhanced support for learners, parents and teachers

Napanee & Toronto, Ontario – Today, Next Knowledge marks the completion of its first full year in the marketplace. The team is celebrating early wins, including deployment of their service in multiple schools, as well as the launch of an enhanced A.I.-powered digital learning platform: the Next Knowledge Wordspace.

Successful First Year

Early adoption by several schools fast-tracked the institutional services provided by Next Knowledge through their Academic Literacy Program. A series of workshops were successfully completed to bring the firm’s proven methods to classrooms. Teachers leverage Next Knowledge’s proprietary LEARN method (patent pending) to help students enhance reading comprehension and retention. Using the online Wordspace, these teachers and their students are able to work in a collaborative and supportive digital environment.

Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder of Next Knowledge, Lawrence Feld, delivered the workshops and led the implementation. “It’s exciting to see our proven method and enhanced digital tools in the hands of teachers,” says Lawrence. “Their engagement and feedback is both valuable and gratifying, and we’re thrilled to hear of early successes in the classrooms,” he added. He recalls that one of the teachers said it was “like magic” when she saw the Wordspace instantly locate the topic in the material.

Introducing the Wordspace 

Next Knowledge’s Artificial Learning Intelligence & Comprehension Engine, Alice, continues to be the digital delivery agent of the LEARN method, but she has a new home. Alice is embedded in the Next Knowledge Wordspace: an enhanced digital environment to help learners working with literary and informative texts. Through the Wordspace, Alice works with learners to help them understand their materials, retain and apply their new knowledge.

At its foundation, the Wordspace is a note-making application for learners working with informative or literary texts in an enhanced digital environment. Using the power of Alice, the topic of the text is located for readers and prompts help facilitate effective note making. From there, members can move through recall tests and ultimately create new materials.

The Wordspace can be used independently by students and adult learners, and is also designed for instructors working with individual learners or groups.

Next Knowledge’s tools can be used at any level of the education system for core content ranging from elementary subjects such as social studies and general science, to high school and university subjects such as history and biology. The method and Wordspace can also be used to help students prepare for standardized tests.

Importantly, the Wordspace also accommodates the learning style of students with learning challenges to enable them to fully participate in required curriculum content. The platform also provides for read-aloud support and speech-to-text functionality.

CEO and Co-Founder, Stephen Straker, shares, “Our Wordspace delivers significant improvements in the delivery of our method and a learner’s experience. It is a well-designed and highly effective space to help learners learn.” He adds, “using our LEARN method through the Wordspace is a seamless experience that teaches learners how to learn while they work through their own materials. I couldn’t be more proud of the team and excited to see learners benefiting from our offering.”

How does someone use the Wordspace?

  • A learner inputs a given text (informative or literary) for analysis.

  • Next, they start working with the text, following prompts and guidance that are provided to make effective and purposeful highlights and notes.

  • Once finished creating their notes, the reader studies their notes in distinct review and recall areas of the Wordspace.

  • Next, they can enter the writing area where they can organize their notes into groups or subtopics.

  • Once they have organized their thoughts, they can then proceed with creating their own writing about the material.

Features of the Wordspace include:

  • Topic Extraction Tool

  • A.I.-Generated Highlight Suggestions

  • Support for Learners’ Highlights and Notes

  • Speech-to-text Writing Support

  • Read Aloud Support

  • Flashcards and Study Aids

  • Interactive Writing Outline Space

  • Writing Portfolio File

  • Personal Storage

About Next Knowledge
Next Knowledge is a learning company working to transform the way learners learn and teachers teach. Using a proven method and A.I.-powered tools, the team is striving to remove barriers that prevent individuals from achieving a mastery of comprehension and retention that will benefit them in every stage of life. To help reach as many people as possible, with each paid membership Next Knowledge has committed to giving a membership to someone in need. Their mission is to provide lasting social value by delivering a proven method to help people comprehend, retain and reuse information… forever.

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