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June 2, 2021

Free Access for Students

Next Knowledge seeks to help students struggling to finish 
their school year after unprecedented academic disruptions

Napanee & Toronto, Ontario – In light of continued and extensive media coverage of students struggling to succeed this school year, Next Knowledge is providing free access to its proven method and digital learning companion. These tools were created to enable significant improvements in reading comprehension and retention, and skilled writing.

After two years of development and leveraging a 30+ year proven method, Next Knowledge launched in March of this year. While the launch and today’s announcement are both well into the school year, there’s still time to help kids in school today.

“I have seen, countless times, that students benefit from my method almost instantly,” said Lawrence Feld, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Next Knowledge. “I developed this method to actively engage people in the act of learning. It works. I have consistently seen grades – and confidence – dramatically improve in students using this method.”

The proprietary method has been proven and measured in schools. Among high school classes using the method, average grades increased between 10 and 23 percentage points, with a number of students showing even more significant gains. Standardized scores typically experience little to no improvement year-over-year with traditional methods.

Stephen Straker, CEO and Co-Founder of Next Knowledge added, “We created Next Knowledge with an embedded social mandate to give away half of our memberships. This June, we’re giving away 100% of our memberships. We sincerely hope to help countless learners finish the school year having learned a proven and lasting method that will help them throughout their lives.”

Today’s offer of free access for students will give them access to this method, delivered digitally through Next Knowledge’s A.I.-powered learning companion: Alice. Access is free until June 30, 2021. Students, parents and educators can learn more at and can sign up at

About Next Knowledge

Next Knowledge is a learning company working to transform the way learners learn and teachers teach. Using a proven method and A.I.-powered tools, the team is striving to remove barriers that prevent individuals from achieving a mastery of comprehension and retention that will benefit them in every stage of life. To help reach as many people as possible, with each paid membership Next Knowledge has committed to giving a membership to someone in need. Their mission is to provide lasting social value by delivering a proven method to help people comprehend, retain and reuse information… forever.

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