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The media continues to publish stories about students struggling. The consensus seems to be that students of all abilities – but especially the most vulnerable, economically and educationally – are falling behind.

Various implications of the pandemic have harmed our children and the generation in the school system today may feel these effects for the rest of their lives. There is talk of learners that may never re-engage, while others are discussing holding kids back a year. Regardless of which conversation you are tuned into, this is a very real problem in classrooms across Canada and around the world. Sadly, it is akin to an experiment gone awry… and it is our children in these classrooms.

To those making decisions about how to help, I would love to be involved in the discussion. My co-founder, Lawrence, and I have been reaching out to decision makers in schools and government – but we feel the weight of the clock counting down this school year and the days till the next school year begins.

So, here’s my ask: If you know somewhere we can help, be it a school, a community or a family you know of that is in need, please get in touch. And remember, we give half our memberships to students in need. Our aim is to help every child and adult learner that needs it – but we can’t do it alone.

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you.


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