From Classrooms to Home (and Back Again)

In his last post, Lawrence introduced our Academic Literacy Program — a program we created for academic settings, whether that is a school or a homeschooling pod. The program guides learners through the decoding and processing skills that are the basis of academic success, while incorporating a comprehensive set of tools to maximize the performance of both students and teachers. Embedding resources such as standardized testing into our program not only allows an administrator to measure the effectiveness of the program, but allows educators to better engage learners where and when they need the help.

I am fortunate enough to be engaged in exciting conversations with schools, parents and educators across the country about how we can help. I am thrilled that our focus on addressing the comprehension gap — Lawrence’s elephant — resonates with them. Our goal is to move past the idea of helping kids simply memorize material — and rather, to get learners actively engaged to the point that they understand and remember that material. In many of these conversations, when educators and parents see what we’ve created, I hear an audible sigh of relief.

Many have been searching for solutions that can bridge the gap between the classroom and the home environment: seeking out tools that have a strong focus on literacy, comprehension and retention, all while providing insight into where their learners are struggling. Our programs provide that window into a learner’s performance and is there to assist learners when their teacher or parent may not be available.

The digital nature and delivery of our tools – of Alice – are particularly well-suited to the world we all find ourselves in today. Whether a learner can be in the classroom or not should never hinder their ability to learn effectively, it shouldn’t hold them back – and tools like ours help keep kids learning.

Our Academic Literacy Program will be rolling out to schools in September, helping to ensure active and effective learning of the materials at hand. We’re thrilled by the interest in our offering and excited to see teachers bring it to life in their physical – and virtual – classrooms.

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