founder bios

Stephen Straker
CEO | Co-Founder

Stephen has an extensive background in business and technology. His passion for helping individuals reach their true potential inspired him to co-found Next Knowledge.

 As CEO, Stephen is leading the team that’s working to transform the world’s relationship with learning. He aims to bring innovative, proven reading and comprehension methods to as many learners as possible by leveraging the great power of digital tools and artificial intelligence.

Stephen is a firm believer that education should be a right, not a privilege. Through Next Knowledge he is working to help make that a reality.

Lawrence Feld
Chief Learning Officer | Co-Founder

Lawrence’s career has been characterized by constant program innovation and development, and he has extensive experience with helping students and teachers with those most challenged with learning.

While working as the academic director of an elementary school in Toronto, he created the LEARN method to help students struggling with academic text. With Next Knowledge, Lawrence is scaling his methods to reach learners whenever and wherever they seek to advance their reading comprehension and retention.

Together with the team at Next Knowledge, Lawrence is driving to transform the world’s relationship with learning.

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