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We would love for you to help tell our story! We aim to create real, lasting social value… and we can’t do that on our own. As the saying goes, it takes a village.

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how we came to be

The firm was co-founded by Lawrence Feld and Stephen Straker who came together with a mission to change the world’s relationship with learning. Lawrence’s proven method and educational expertise partnered with Stephen’s technology and business background led to the inception of Next Knowledge. 

our social mandate

The team at Next Knowledge believe that education is a right — not a privilege — and they have designed their tools to help the many, not just the few. Because they passionately believe that quality education should be accessible to all, they are working to make that a reality.

Embedded in their business model is a social mandate to help as many people as possible. Next Knowledge stands behind a “buy one, give one” model: with every paid membership, Next Knowledge will give one to someone in need.

The business model aims to partner Next Knowledge with its members to deliver lasting social value. Together, they can break down the barriers of learning for those who might not have access to the resources they need and deserve.

our method

Chief Learning Officer and Co-Founder of Next Knowledge, Lawrence Feld, developed our method – LEARN – over thirty years ago after exhausting his entire toolkit while helping a child that was struggling to pass in school, in spite of an extremely high IQ. 

Since developing the method, LEARN (patent pending) has been demonstrated to work effectively on thousands of learners from a broad range of ages and abilities. 

meet Alice.

Next Knowledge’s Artificial Learning Intelligence & Comprehension Engine, Alice, powers the Wordspace: the digital delivery agent of the LEARN method. The Wordspace is a dedicated online space where members learn how to read and write at a level that reflects their true potential.  

The primary issue with beginning to learn new material is finding a starting point: understanding what the material is about, what the various aspects of the material include – its topic, subtopics – and how to organize it into an approachable frame for studying and writing. Using artificial intelligence paired with a traditional proven methodology, Alice creates suggestions around topics, relevant highlights and more, providing a starting point and ongoing guide for the reader.

​The Wordspace and Alice are designed to help any learner. The key is the companion nature of Alice: she stays with you while you are learning, making suggestions and helping you create study materials that will be beneficial to your long-term retention. The Wordspace is as effective for the high-functioning learner with excellent study habits as she is for the under-functioning learner with fractured study and learning habits – and everyone in between.

in a nutshell

Next Knowledge is a learning company working to transform the way learners learn and teachers teach. Using a proven method and A.I.-powered tools, the team is striving to remove barriers that prevent individuals from achieving a mastery of comprehension and retention that will benefit them in every stage of life.

To help reach as many people as possible, with each paid membership Next Knowledge has committed to giving a membership to someone in need. Their mandate is to provide lasting social value by delivering a proven method to help people comprehend, retain and reuse information… forever.

links for more

Click here to access our frequently asked questions.

You can download more information about our founders here (bios and pics).

You can download our logo here (various formats).

Fresh screenshots from the Wordspace can be downloaded here (various screens).

Any willing educator can access — and all interested students can benefit from — this strategy.

Education and Learning Skills Specialist
The Learning Centre, John Abbott College

Our students showed significant gains in reading comprehension. Their reading fluency, spelling and vocabulary improved as well. I would strongly recommend this product.

Resource Teacher, Vanguard Elementary School

This program was the miracle we were looking for to help our child. It unlocked their brain and enabled them to finally realize their true potential.

Parent, elementary student

Having used Alice with a number of my students, the margin highlight suggestions create much-appreciated and valuable prompts for note-taking and anchors for recall. It’s a great tool that has had dramatic results in reading and comprehension, but also improved confidence.

Doug G., executive function coach

I had no doubt that it would be successful with several of our classes, but I was pleasantly surprised with the success with all of the classes. I’m so thrilled with the outcome.

Special Education Consultant, Summit School-Ecole Le Sommet

The Wordspace is a game changer for my students. It really teaches them how to learn… comprehension and retention start to come naturally! I am thrilled to have Next Knowledge working with me in my classroom! And when at-home learning takes place, my students can use the Wordspace from home. Parents are also grateful for the extra support!

Grade 7 Teacher, École Vanguard

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